Different Types of Wedding Photography

Different Styles of Wedding Photography and the Wedding Photographers that Rock those Styles

Wedding Photographers are constantly trying to create a sense of identity for themselves and one of the easiest ways to do this is with a label. By identifying themselves as a certain type of wedding photographer they automatically appear more specialist although this can be confusing to couples who may be confused with what they would actually be getting from a wedding photographer.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more common labels that wedding photographers give themselves and what these labels are implying.

Styles of wedding photography
Styles of wedding photography

Wedding Photojournalist.

This type of photographer will specialise in capturing moments as they happen and without intervention. They will react to opportunities and be more unobtrusive by standing back, observing and capturing the moments rather than forcing them to happen. Jeff Ascough is one of the finest wedding photojournalists in the world and if you’re interested in seeing some great examples of documentary wedding photography then take a look at his images.

The Traditional Wedding Photographer

These types of wedding photographers will work from a list of specific shots that they have in mind and will be experts in taking these types of shots. Traditional style wedding photography is often associated with being old fashioned but there are many great photographers that favour this style. Jerry Ghionis, takes amazing traditional style shots and they don’t feel old fashioned at all.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

This type of wedding photographer specialises in creating images that can be hung on walls. There will be less emphasis on capturing the story of the day and more emphasis on creating art pieces which are dramatic and beautiful. Jose Villa demonstrates the works of art that this style can produce.

Fashion Wedding Photography

This is one of the newest labels that wedding photographers are giving themselves. Fashion Wedding Photography aims to emulate the magazine style of wedding photography for real weddings. Images will be stylized and have a studio shoot feel to them. Again, less emphasis will be on capturing the day and more will be on capturing these edgy type shots like Australian photographer Yervant.

How it usually works.

Although the labels suggest that all of your images will be like this, the nature of any wedding photography usually means that you will have a combination of at least a few of these styles. It’s almost impossible to produce a whole days worth of ‘fine art’ or ‘fashion wedding photography’ and a great deal of traditional or photojournalism will be incorporated into any wedding photographers work as it is virtually unavoidable when there are so many elements to photograph on any wedding day.

The best advice is to let your eyes tell you what you prefer. Look at potential photographers work and go with the style that appeals to you the most. Have a look at the best wedding photographers in the UK and the top 10 Wedding Photographers in America and get a feel for the style that you like the most.

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