Finding the Best London Wedding Photographer

Picking the best Wedding Photographer | Deciding on the Right Wedding Photographer

Over the last three posts we have looked at beginning your search for a wedding photographer, how to budget for your wedding photography and how to narrow down the list. Now you’ve got the list down to 3 or 4 Wedding Photographers that you really like and assessed how much you want to spend it’s time to decide on who you want to photograph your wedding day for you. Before you do, let's review where you’re up to and to make sure that you really are ready to make that final decision.

  • Have you looked at enough photographers to make an educated decision?
  • Have you decided the value of Wedding Photography as part of your day and budgeted accordingly?
  • Have you narrowed your choices down to the best 3 or 4 to make a decision from or have you found one who's work you absolutely love?
Finding the best London wedding Photographer
Finding the best London wedding Photographer

The Right Wedding Photographer | The Best Photographer

Once you’re confident that you have a few photographers to choose from then you’re ready to select the right photographer for you. Here’s a few points to consider when making the decision.

1.     Have you identified what style of Wedding Photography you want. Do your chosen few all photograph in similar styles? If not then you may not really know what you want so you might want to do a little more research to find out which styles appeal to you the most. Check Flickr or Wedding Blogs such as RockNRollBride or Browse some Wedding Photographersto get a feel for styles.

2.     Are you looking beyond the photographers flashy websites and letting the images persuade you rather than just the presentation.

3.     Are the images that are persuading you taken from ‘real’ weddings’ and not just modelled mock ups.

4.     Does the photographer have examples of non-wedding work (if you’re interested in hiring a well rounded wedding photographer).

5.     Are there enough examples of different weddings for you to make a decision (don’t be afraid to ask to see more as most photographers will only show a selection of their best work).

The next step is to pick your favourite 2 from the list and email them to find out if they are available and what they can offer you. Explain to them the amount of coverage that you want and any additional items that you would be considering. The photographers reply may make the decision a little easier for you. Don’t be surprised if at least 1 or 2 of your chosen few are booked up. Good wedding photographers will get bookings a year or more in advance which is why you have a list of 3 or 4 to choose from.

The cost of a Wedding Photographer shouldn’t really be a factor at this stage as you’ve only been looking in your rough price range anyway so they should all be affordable. However, it’s worth checking for any hidden extras. Most good wedding photographers know the value of their photography and will not give away their digital negatives for free. You should consider the co of extras like purchasing these at the time as owning a copy of all your images from the day is a must and you will regret it in 10 years if you only decide to buy a select few prints. This is far more important than even the album as once you own the images you can get albums made up whenever you want (be careful to check the photographers copyright policy).

Hopefully your wedding photographer of choice will be available and the total package will be within your price range but by contacting at least 2 you will at least be able to compare and decide if you like the more expensive photographers images enough to go with them. The most important thing is to go with your instinct. Wedding Photography is an art, and the value of a good photographer is whatever the Bride places on it. Feel free to try and negotiate a bit but beware of the wedding photographer who seems to be throwing in everything for nothing. If your wedding photographer doesn’t value his work then it’s unlikely that you will too. There’s no set formula for choosing the right photographer for you as it all comes down to personal preference. If you’re happy then that really is all that counts.

Help findin a wedding photographer
Help findin a wedding photographer

So, the quote comes out in budget, you love their work and they are available for the date. Book them! Tell them that you would love to book them for your date and that you would like to either meet up or talk on the phone (if distance is an option). You can also take this step before you book as well if you prefer. This is a chance to make sure that you click with the photographer, to ask any questions and to generally get to know each other. In the final post I will be discussing the meeting with your wedding photographer.

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