Top 10 Wedding Photographers 2011 - The Crash Taylor Reaction

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the UK - The Crash Taylor Reaction

Top 10 wedding photographers in the World
Top 10 wedding photographers in the World

Wedding Photographers are an opinionated bunch! I'm still getting loads of emails and comments regarding last weeks post on the UK top 10 wedding Photographers of 2011. Around 80-90% of you seem to either agree with a lot of the choices or at least appreciate the fact that I'm trying to bring in a few up and coming names. However, there's a small percentage of people who have been very vocal about the fact that they do not agree with my choices at all. The majority of these seem to hate the fact that I've included Crash Taylor in my top 10. Here's some of the comments and messages that I've had on this....

"Anyone who puts Crash Taylor on a list like this knows nothing about photography. He is not well regarded in the industry at all, so really to put him on your list just tells everyone else that you like to follow the crowd and be seen as if you know what you’re talking about. In reality, having him on your list makes you a bit of a laughing stock too"

"The only list Crash Taylor should appear in is the Top 10 Photographers with the biggest ego…"

"Crash Taylor? Are you kidding? The only people who think Crash is any good are the kind of people who set up as a “wedding photographer” and then wander around the SWPP convention with 4 cameras around their neck."

"Anyone who includes Crash Taylor in a UK top 10 either is link baiting or knows nothing about wedding photography. Go on – I dare you to approve this comment"

"Clash Turnip…don’t make me laugh."

These are a few of the milder comments! There's a few that I wouldn't want to quote too.

I was pretty shocked by all these so I thought I would share a brief insight into a few reasons why I chose him as part of the list:

1. It's my list - I can choose who I want!

2. Wedding Photography is a business and Wedding Photographers sometimes forget this. Taking beautiful wedding photography is only a part of what we do. We have to market ourselves, build a brand, set ourselves apart by what we do with the camera and also what we do without the camera. Some photographers have built such a successful business by branding and marketing that other photographers seem to despise them for it regardless of the fact that they take amazing photographs. Jasmine Star is another photographer that seems to fall into this category and gets a lot of criticism for it. If they were to be judged solely on their images alone then people would say they are very good photographers ...maybe not the best in the world but very good at the least. My point is that I applaud these photographers by doing the things to build their business and making themselves rise above the masses.

3. For those that suggest that I like to follow the crowd there's at least 4 or 5 photographers that have never been on any top 10 list yet. These (as I outlined in my criteria on the top 10 UK wedding photographers post), are those photographers that are not in the limelight yet but who's photographs, or blogs I have admired for some time. Surely these are evidence that I don't follow the crowd and that I'm keen to try and get the new breed of photographers to be noticed.

4. It's my list, I can choose who I want!

Anyway, I'm sure there will be some more reaction from my justifications and I hope to ruffle as many feathers in my top 10 wedding photographers in the world post which I'm preparing at the moment. For now..enjoy my travel photograph of the day below and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for the international top ten wedding photographer list (I'm at 8 for the moment and I have 5 more to squeeze into the last 2 spots).

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