Travel photography can pose a pretty big conflict of interests when you visit nice destinations. The holiday part of you wants nice warm weather with blue crisp skies but the photographer side of you knows that this usually makes a very dull picture and is hoping for something more interesting.

Bad weather can result in a very miserable day out but can lead to some really interesting shots, especially when there's nothing too exciting going on in the foreground. Occasionally you hit the jackpot and get the best of both worlds. We had spent the day around Brisbane playing around near the water and the weather was really good. As the day came towards an end some pretty bad weather started to make its way towards us and made a fairly plain scene into something far more interesting with some really impressive cloud reflections.

I managed to get a couple of cool 'double rainbow' pictures just before the  weather got too bad and I'll stick those up soon so stay tuned!

Wellington Point