London Wedding Photojournalist | What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

London Wedding Photojournalist or Documentary Wedding Photographer

Looking for the best London Wedding Photographer can be quite a confusing task. There are many labels that we give ourselves to try and describe what we do. This is supposed to help the bride and groom who are choosing a wedding photographer but can actually create more confusion. The main problem seems to be the misconception that photographers will fall neatly into the category in which they have labelled themselves such as, photojournalist, documentary, traditional, fashion, fine art, etc. Whilst these labels can be useful in letting couples know which style you favour, it is never a definitive label of all that you will be getting.

Traditional Wedding Photographers will have a specific list of ‘must get’ shots and will set all of these up to give you a nice consistent range of images (bride with father, bride with veil, groomsmen with rings etc). The perception is that this style is old fashioned because it is the more classic style or ‘traditional’. In reality, it doesn’t have to be and this style doesn’t have to be where your wedding photography ends.

What do Wedding Photojournalists do?

Wedding Photojournalists or documentary Wedding Photographers capture all the unopposed parts of the day and will provide photographs that really tell the story of your wedding day. These are the photographers that will react to what they see and capture these moments as they happen rather than making them happen. Wedding photojournalists will almost always take some of the more traditional, posed shots as well. The difference is that most of the good wedding photojournalists will also take a selection of photographs that have been staged to make them look un-posed, or take some unusual versions of the posed shots and this is where the real creativity comes in, Capturing images that look natural and un-posed ironically can take more setting up and staging than just a standard formal but the results can be amazing with images that look fresh, contemporary and unique.

Capturing wedding moments in pictures
Capturing wedding moments in pictures

Most good contemporary wedding photographers will take a mixture of both the modern traditional and the photojournalistic and the really good ones will be able to incorporate a great deal of creativity into these images to make them into visually appealing works of art. Trust your judgement and go with what appeals to you. Make sure you’re able to check out enough of your potential wedding photographers work to know that their particular style is right for your wedding day.

I class myself as a London Documentary Wedding Photographer or Wedding Photojournalist meaning that the majority of the photographs that I take at a wedding will be documentary style or 'camera unaware'. That's not to say that this is all I do but it helps to explain the style that I aim for. I like to try and capture things as they happen but I will also set the stage for some things to happen. This leads to some amazingly natural looking and contemporary portraits that fit in well with the rest of your wedding photography.

Tomorrow I will go into a little more detail about some of the different types of wedding photography styles. For more information on Nick Rose as a contemporary documentary Wedding Photographer then please visit the main website via the home button.