The ancient Lijiang Lanes in China

Of all the places in the world I've photographed. Lijiang has felt one of the furthest from home. Not only is it a completely different world but it feels like it's in a completely different century. The old cobbled streets, pathside waterways and paper lanterns make the place look really ancient.


The water system that flows along every one of the cobbled roads all stems from the Jade river and most houses funnel these waterways into three separate pools, one for cooking & drinking, one for washing food and the other for washing clothes and themselves.

As the sun sets, the paper lanterns light up and the streets are filled with a warm orange glow coming from these which reflects off the ancient cobbles. I spent hours just wandering around and taking pictures as these moody evening storm-clouds masked the sunset.

Creating HDR's with long exposure photography can give you some really creative images and for an example of really long exposure photography in China then view my Reed Flute Reflections of Guilin multiple long exposure shot here or a Dubai Long exposure shot here.

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