Floating School

Halong Bay was one of those places that you know is going to be packed with tourists but you have to do it anyway. It actually felt pretty peaceful and there’s still places there that make you feel a million miles from home.

One of the places we stopped at was a floating village which houses the families that cultivate pearls, shark meat and oysters in the Halong Bay waters. These families rarely seem to leave there floating homes and there’s even a small floating school for the children of the village. It’s the weirdest thing seeing water through the large cracks in the classroom floorboards but at least these children are getting an education.

I had to take this shot handheld as there was so much movement as the classroom bobbed up and down my arms had to act like shock absorbers. The trick here is to just up the iso enough so you get a fairly decent shutter speed even at the longest exposure.