Road to Milford Sound

I had seen loads of pictures of Milford Sound when we were planning our route around New Zealand and was pretty excited about going there. What I wasn't expecting was the road to Milford. It was by far, the most amazing road I had ever driven on. The journey s supposed to take around 2 hours but it ended up taking over 6 as we kept having to pull over to take pictures. As you get closer to Milford Sound, there's a huge tunnel about a mile long and it's a pretty scary thing to drive through. Most of the tunnels i've driven through are pretty sealed up and if you look above you can see bricks or concrete and lots of lights. This one was just jagged rocks all the way through and you really get a feeling of just cutting through the mountain - it's hard to describe but a weird sensation.

The view you're met with on the other side of the tunnel is incredible and gives you a sense of what you're heading towards at Milford and I will post a picture of that later in the week.

It's amazing how similar this scene is to the Tunnel View photograph that I posted on the 9th October. It's hard to believe that these are on completely different continents!

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