"My friends say that I’m the luckiest person they know and I tend to agree".


I’m Nick and I am an International Wedding Photographer. 

All my friends say that I’m the luckiest person they know and I tend to agree. On my stag week in Vegas I put $100 on lucky 17 and it came in…the money that I won paid for the whole trip to Vegas plus our whole honeymoon!

But that’s not the sort of thing that makes me think I’m lucky. The thing that really makes me a lucky person is the fact that I get to do something that I absolutely love every single day and I remind myself every single day not to take this for granted. 


I love working with couples to make sure that your wedding photography is one aspect of the day where you don’t need to worry.

I want to capture all of the detail, the fun and most importantly, all of the moments of your wedding day in a fun, fresh and contemporary style. My vision for the day is always to tell your story through my lens and my promise is to give your day every single bit of attention it deserves. However lucky you think you are, your wedding images are not something you want to gamble with!

Have a look through my portfolio and kick back with a coffee to explore the blog. Here you’ll find all of my recent work and lots of lovely images for you to check out.

I’m lucky enough to get to travel round the world to photograph weddings. 

Some of the destinations that I have captured weddings and engagements include India, Iceland, Canada, Singapore, Portugal, USA, Hong Kong, Italy so wherever you are in the world, get in touch and let’s talk about your day!  


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