We had a great week staying in Siem Reap exploring all the different temples, although catching the sunrise and sunsets meant some really long days! To catch this shot of the sunrise over Angkor Wat we were up at 4.30am and stuck around until 6.30pm to catch this shot of the last light just dipping below the jungle. Our poor driver would just sit around all day waiting and watching for us to return. We would appear from the ruins and straight away we would get bombarded by villagers tugging on or clothes trying to sell us water, food and souvenirs. Rat (our driver), would be watching carefully and come racing towards us in the car to save us.

Last light over Angkor

Travelling around southern Asia can be pretty hard going in places. It's hard enough with the heat, humidity and general grime of the place but tourists must look like walking dollar signs to the locals. You feel like you need to be constantly on guard from people wanting to either scam you or legitimately squeeze money out of you and it can really wear you down. It's totally worthwhile though and I think the difficulties actually makes seeing these incredible places even more enjoyable as you appreciate sights like these even more when you've had to endure so much trouble to see them.

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