Travel Photography

Crossing Sa Pa in Vietnam

The scenery around Sa Pa (or Sapa) in Vietnam really reflects the minority tribes that live in the small mountain villages that are scattered around. Terraced rice fields, small huts and handmade foot bridges are scattered everywhere and make the place incredibly photogenic .I spent my time trekking from village to village although it took much more time to than I thought as I kept having to stop for shots like this. I ended up arriving at the point where I had arranged to meet my driver much later than planned but thankfully he was good enough to wait for me. I would have been stuck in the middle of nowhere if he had decided to leave.

Shanghai Nights HDR Photography

Defining the largest city in the world is actually a pretty difficult concept as there are so many different criteria that can be used based on a variety of different definitions of 'city', 'size' and 'largest'. Shanghai is the largest city proper in the world (not including suburb's) and is huge. Most other cities that I have visited have a central area to them that is dominated by skyscrapers and impressive buildings. The whole of Shanghai is like one of those central areas although the problem with this is that it is very smoggy and does not photograph too well during the day.