I was expecting Tokyo to feel like I had stepped into the future but it was Hong Kong that really felt like something from 50 years from now. It's a truly 3D city and everything seems to be vertical. If you just walked around without looking up you would miss 90% of the place. Malls are built in towers with very little footprint but over 15 small floors. Roads are built in the air, above other roads, with more roads above them and even more above them. Skyscrapers are build just a few feet away from more skyscrapers and it seems like every inch both horizontally and vertically has all been put together in a film studio to depict a scene from the future.

Looking Up

To make things worse, things are all in dollars but about 10x the price that seems right. Lunch costs $250 and even a simple burger costs $35 dollars. This adds to the whole future feel and it feels really weird but also pretty cool.

This was taken in the central area of Hong Kong which is actually a bit more spaced out. Almost like they started fairly normally and as the city spread out they found they were running out of space and crammed everything closer and closer. The place is like a dense urban jungle with very little direct sunlight breaking through the skyscraper canopy. I had just got the hang of the whole looking up concept and noticed the sun streaming down the side of this tower reflecting a small amount of sunlight onto the floor in front of me.

This was my penultimate stop on this epic trip photographing the world and I've just arrived in Dubai for the last few days. I still have so many photographs to sort through and process and I will keep posting them on here as I work my way through them.

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