The most beautiful city in the world | Hangzhou China

Marco Polo's Most Beautiful City in the World

HDR Sunset in Hangzhou in China
HDR Sunset in Hangzhou in China

Todays travel photograph of the day comes from the East coast of China which is a really beautiful place.

The first ever Westerner to visit Hangzhou was Marco Polo, a man who really saw his fair share of cities. He described Hangzhou as the most beautiful city in the world and it's pretty easy to see why. Although much of what Polo probably saw has been tainted with the same brush that the rest of a rapidly expanding China has been subject to, the skyscrapers and traffic jammed roads have only made a small dent in this picturesque city.

Looking over west lake at sunset, it's hard to imagine a full blown city with better views, the mountain backdrop and shimmer of the sunset paints one of the nicest natural pictures in such an urban setting. The round entrance to the park behind the lake created a perfect frame although the lake seemed to be a popular rush hour commuter path and I had to wait ages for a gap long enough in the foot traffic to grab this 5 exposure shot.

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