Shanghai Nights HDR Photography

 Shanghai Nights and the Largest City in the World

Night Photography in Shanghai HDR
Night Photography in Shanghai HDR

Defining the largest city in the world is actually a pretty difficult concept as there are so many different criteria that can be used based on a variety of different definitions of 'city', 'size' and 'largest'. Shanghai is the largest city proper in the world (not including suburb's) and is huge. Most other cities that I have visited have a central area to them that is dominated by skyscrapers and impressive buildings. The whole of Shanghai is like one of those central areas although the problem with this is that it is very smoggy and does not photograph too well during the day.

Luckily, it is at night that Shanghai comes alive and the colour and light that spreads across the place is incredible. This was a HDR Photograph of Shanghai at night and I'm really pleased with how well the colours came out. The smog really reflects the light off the buildings and makes the whole sky glow at night.

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