Window to the Great Wall of China

HDR Photography | Sunset over the Great Wall of China

The best place to end an epic month in China must be the Great Wall. It's one of those iconic places that I've always had on my 'to photograph' list and it didn't disappoint. It's worth driving a couple of hours outside the city to see the wall in a better location and it really blows you away. The sheer size of it and the way it disappears into the distant mountains really starts to put it into perspective. My driver found a great spot for me to capture the sunset glow over the great wall and I found a great vantage point through a window which required setting up the tripod and waiting until the sun was just dipping behind the Beijing Mountains to get the best colour lighting up the great wall. This required 5 separate photographs all taken at different exposures. Two exposures  captured the detail from inside the great wall of china and the other three exposures captured all the detail and colour on the outside.